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Photo by Jo Barnsdale

Have a Happy Easter and well-earned break

Nick McIvor —

Back on the 6th of March a big goal was put to the boys at assembly: To become the top Boys’ School in the South Island over the next 3-5 years.

To achieve this by working hard in academics, arts, culture, and sport, to get ourselves up to the top of the 13 South Island Boys’ Schools.

It’s happening. Two groups of young men have already got there; those who gained the 41 NZQA Scholarships we celebrated in February, and our First Touch Team – lifting the South Island title this term. 

Both have been truly excellent. We now look across all our King’s endeavours to identify, encourage, challenge, and assist the next group of boys who will step up for South Island supremacy. This may take a while but we’re confident that it will be achieved. We have the boys, the staff, the family and community support, the determination, and increasingly, the resources, to get there.

It’s also a goal that can involve all our boys. Each young man who adds to the strengths and character of King’s, even in seemingly small ways, through his good deeds and commitment, is helping us to reach or exceed this big goal, as he does his bit at King’s. He is making King’s the type of school that can increasingly achieve this goal. So while not everyone will necessarily be the one to personally generate top end achievement, all can be instrumental in building the school that will; in giving it the right culture and character for success. In return, they can be equally proud of what their school, classmates, and friends have achieved and their own part in it.

It's been a very busy but satisfying term in growing the boys’ education. Thank you for your support of us along the way.

Hari aranga.

Have a Happy Easter and well-earned break.

Nick McIvor