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Exciting opportunities for young scientists.

Vicki Jopson —

Mrs Jopson (HOD Science) is pleased to announce details of students who have been selected to attend events taking place at the university in the near future. 

Three Yr. 10 boys have been accepted into the Yr. 10 NZ Marine Sciences Gifted and Talented Programme which runs over 3 blocks - April 9th - 11th, May 11th - 13th, and then June 9th and 10th. Jamie Honey, Aaron Hewson and Oscar Robinson. It is a residential programme, staying at Quarantine Island. The students will work at the NZ Marine Science Centre in Portabello. The programme aims to give a challenging hands-on experience, based on the theme ‘Making sense of the marine world iAds survival and enriches lives’. After a day of activities and enquiries which challenge student ideas, develop skills in instrument use and experimental design, participants are introduced to a range of possible projects by postgraduate research students in the Marine Science Department. Over the subsequent days, practical investigations are designed, carried out and reported on by small research teams under the guidance of post-graduate marine science students who encourage students to be practical with problem solving, and creative with science analysis and presentation.

Two Yr. 10 boys have been accepted into the TE RAUAWA O TE PAHĪ 2017 Year 10 Science Enrichment and Extension Programme for Young Māori; Watene Edwards - Webb and Tom Spicer. The primary focus will be on a team research project, which will be introduced and mentored by a postgraduate research student. Students will get wet and mucky in an introductory overview of the marine world. They will dive into scientific thinking and processes during the day and then be challenged creatively during the evening activities at the Marae and on Quarantine Island. Communication skills will be developed over the two multi-day blocks, along with their ability to question and critique their own work and the work of their peers. The culmination of the programme is through a team presentation of a research seminar, and an interpretive poster about their research for a public audience.