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Celebrating Samoa Language Week

Jope Tudreu —

King's enjoyed several events this week including some tasty Samoan treats: Taro, Pork Buns, Buns in Coconut Milk and more! Very tasty. 

Special thanks to the students, Mr Tudreu, Mr Salisbury and their families for sharing some traditional food with the staff and students.

Image by: Teresa Robertson

Image by: Teresa Robertson

2022 is a significant year for the Samoa community, being the 60th Anniversary of Samoa Independence. 

Samoa has a unique historical relationship with New Zealand. It is the only nation that which New Zealand has a Treaty of Friendship. The Treaty of Friendship between Samoa and New Zealand is about a commitment to partnership, friendship and a mutual endeavour to obtain for the Tagata Samoa fuller opportunities for social progress. Language is critical in achieving this.

Image by: Teresa Robertson