Hero photograph
Boys from Leibniz school in the quad this week
Photo by Julie Collings

Leibniz school visit to King's

Julie Collings —

This week in the International department, we welcome a group of German students from Leibniz Privatschule in Germany.

The group consists of 26 students - 11 boys that we host and 15 girls that are being hosted by Queen’s High School. This is the fourth year that we have hosted a group from this school. The boys join in with King's life for a week then travel around New Zealand for another 10 days. King’s has had an association with Leibniz Privatschule for over 12 years, several of our longer term International Students come to us from Leibniz and in return Leibniz school has also hosted King’s High students on exchange years.

We consider Leibniz Privatschule to be our sister school in Germany and look forward to a long association with the school.

The senior boys welcomed the group at assembly on Monday morning. Mr Coppens , the tour leader, told the assembly that coming to King’s 'gives him the feeling of coming home! “ We really enjoy having these lads join us for the week sharing their way of life with our boys and having a taste what it is like to be a “Kingsman”. 

Julie Collings