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Photo by Teresa Robertson

Farewell to Richard McNaught

Teresa Robertson —

Richard’s been a tremendous Teacher of Design and Visual Communications (DVC) since 1993 whose contributed extensively to King’s.

Departure by Design

Today we farewell Richard McNaught from our staff.

In the classroom, Richard’s been effective at getting boys motivated and performing across Year Levels and his CO2 Dragster design and racing is now the stuff of legend too!

Richard has ‘worn many other hats’ since 1993 as a Hanover Dean, Football Coach and Teacher in Charge of Football, School Timetabler, Student Peer Mediation Leader, Specialist Classroom Teacher, and Teacher in Charge of Curling, Mountain Biking, the School Council, Futsal, Squash, and the Ski Teams; showing versatility and commitment writ large.

Outside King’s, Richard’s been heavily involved in helping others’ teaching of the evolving DVC Curriculum and NCEA Technology Standards. This has taken him to roles such as Otago Regional Advisor in Graphics, Graphics Tutor for the College of Education Teacher Trainee Programme, and, going back far enough, UE and Bursary marker pre – NCEA.

Richard has always taken great pride in the boys he teaches and the quality of their achievement, with high personal standards.

If you ask students who’ve come through his classes you’ll soon discover very high regard and appreciation for Richard’s energy, expertise and teaching acumen, and for his caring rapport and lively sense of humour (including the ‘dad jokes’ for which Richard is famous). Richard has been aptly described by one Year 13 student as: ‘Always looking out for all of us in the best ways.’ And by another as: ‘Committed to helping us to get the best out of our work and ourselves.’ Both are typical of the prevailing student sentiment.

Richard leaves for Woodwork teaching at Kavanagh College from the start of next term as his tremendous work with Dunedin’s young people continues (there may even be a place for some dragsters up there). The imprint Richard leaves on King’s will be lasting. 

We wish Richard all the very best.