Hero photograph
Level 1 Excellence Endorsed 2016
Photo by Jo Harford

Academic Blues Assembly 

Jo Harford —

This year we are having to hold two Academic Blues Assemblies due to the high number of students who gained Excellence Endorsement at Levels 1 and 2.

Students who gained Level 1 with Excellence Endorsement walked across the stage to receive their Blue at Thursday's senior assembly. 

The students were;

Ronan Aitcheson

Aaron Allan

Tate Barron

Frederick Belcher

Sheldon Cotter

Leon Cossou

Liam Craig

Riley Curran

Janadhi Dissanayake

Samuel Donkin

Cameron Fletcher

Jordan Frost

Tyrone Harrison

Liam Hewson

Hayden Jackson

Matthew McCutcheon

Konrad McDonald

Cameron McGrouther

Johnny Nguyen

Samuel O’Kane

Luke Otley

Maxwell Petre

Benjamin Philpott

Asher Quin

Keita Rudd

Samuel Ryan

Kasey Short

Riley Smith

Oscar Sollie

Ieuan Stables

Joshua Stewart

Daniel Stokes

Luke Tang

Alex van der Weerden

Matthew Woodfield

Trent Zhang