Hero photograph
Nathan Martin and Gabe Cook-Bonney
Photo by Jo Harford

Water Polo success

Vicki Jopson —

Some great results for our Water Polo players!

Gabe Cook-Bonney and Kale Twist have been selected to participate in a NZ Water Polo High Performance Talent Camp for players born in 2004 which is being held Sept. 15th- 16th in Auckland. During this camp the athletes will have nutrition talks, basic strength training (pre training) warm up advice and talks from Elite Athletes. Then from the U14 Nationals Tournament in December, selectors will chose players to be part of a High Performance Squad which is a pathway to the 2022 World Youth Games. 

Nathan Martin has been selected into the "born 2001" High Performance Squad. He will be attending the first squad training during Oct. 9th - 11th after he attends the U18 Nationals Tournament with Otago.  At times there are 'Squad Tours and Official Test Matches Championships” and the athletes will attend the camp from which they may be selected to play in one of the events. At the squad training, Nathan will be given advice on nutrition, strength training and be put through his paces. It is a great opportunity for our King’s Water Polo players and we wish them all the best at the Camp and Squad trainings, with the hope of further selection.