Hero photograph
From left; Oli Phillips and William McCutcheon with their dragster and trophies
Photo by Richard McNaught

Fast & Curious!

Richard McNaught —

The Library was a cacophony of colour and sound last Wednesday as 55 participants from the two Year 10 DVC classes vied for the coveted honour of having designed and built the fastest CO2 dragster for 2018.

This was the day of truth for the fierce competition that students had displayed over the last eight weeks while incorporating their ideas of what would make the fastest dragster, into a Balsa Wood model. To win, their design not only had to be the lightest and fastest but have the strength and durability to survive the rapid acceleration, and even more rapid de-acceleration, at the other end of the 20m track.

There were some stunning results from the two racing categories; the "Standard" class, with tight specifications as to width, length, weight etc. and the “Outlaw” class, where anything goes.

Fastest racer for this year’s Standard class was Oli Phillips with a time of 0.685 seconds followed by Kale Twist, 0.740 and Alex Davies, 0.751

The Outlaw Class was won by William McCutcheon with a time of 0.827 seconds.

The winner of the overall Dragster Design Award where design work, model construction and race placing are combined to give an aggregate, was Oli Phillips.