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King's High School

What a Week!!

King's Week #1082 - 14th February 2020

Up-coming Events
17th February
Year 9 Camp - 9Dv 
Leibniz School Visit

19th February
Otago Museum Trip, the James Cameron Exhibit
NCEA Evening in the PAC at 6.30pm

21st February
Paid Union Meeting - School closes at 12.50pm


House Day 2020

by Jo Harford

Our first event of the year, House Day, provides an opportunity for Year 9 students to get to know the boys and staff in their House and for all students to create some great memories.

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Athletics Day 2020...Rain...What rain?

by Jo Harford

Following close on the heels of House Day was our second major school event, Athletics Day where all students, no matter their ability, get to sprint, jump and throw their way through the day. Dress-up is optional!

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Ending the week on a high!

by Jo Harford

The final event in what was a very busy week was our "significant and well-regarded" Good Man Evening.

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Itinerant and Private Music Instrument Lessons

by Jo Dryden

The school offers tuition on a variety of instruments at a low cost or at no cost to students. It is not necessary for students to know how to play an instrument already. Lessons cater for absolute beginners to advanced.

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Touch at King's

Touch News; Week 3

by Dan Koni

Touch results and notices are below.

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Weekly Notices

Paid Union Meeting - Friday 21st February

by Darin Smith

Please see below for details regarding a shortened school day next Friday.

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