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King's Week #1143 - 13 August 2021

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King’s Wall of Fame 2021

by Teresa Robertson

Celebrating our distinguished inductees in 2021 reminds us of the humble beginnings of many of our boys and inspires the young men currently studying at King's to take every opportunity to embrace all that life has to offer.

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NCEA Training Day - (Teacher Only Day) this coming Tuesday 17th August

by Darin Smith

The school will be closed for instruction.

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Key dates and decisions for your study in 2022

by Rachel Campbell

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It's getting closer so book the date...

by Kris White

Polyhymnia (King's and Queen's Joint Choir), Queen B and the Swing Kings, the High Jazz Band and Orchestra will all be performing!

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Positive Education: Prudence is a skill to help manage habits

by Marcella Hoedemaker

To stop and think before one acts is a skill.

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Student Coursing/Pathways Evening

by Cursey Adie-Cropley

On Tuesday 10th August we held a coursing/pathways evening for students moving into the senior school in 2022.

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2022 Subject Choices

by Mark Greenfield

It's time to think about courses for "2022"

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by Student Support

Vaping contains unregulated chemicals and flavours whose long-term effects are unknown.

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Attendance reminder for parents and caregivers

by Attendance office

To contact the Attendance Office please call (03) 4557547 and press 2 OR email the Attendance Office on

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Year 10, 2022 Blazer Fittings

by Office

It's that time again...

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MortgageMe supports King's Lions'

by Sport's Department

Thank you for your support.

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Need a lift?

by Sports Department

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