An Update from Graeme Budler - 27 May, 2020

KingsWay School —

Revised Covid-19 Procedures and A-Z COVID-19 updates.

Dear KingsWay Community,

I am encouraged by the quick transition everyone has made back to onsite school learning. I am so grateful to be back on site, and my prayer is that God would richly use this next season to draw us all closer to himself.

I am also so appreciative that as a country we are doing so well. A challenge for the KingsWay School community moving forward is to maintain COVID-19 procedures at school when you visit shopping centres and restaurants where everyone appears to be flouting the rules. Moreover, it is an ongoing challenge for staff to monitor students social distancing, especially with younger students.

Nevertheless, I do request that everyone continues to remain vigilant and practice what we preach. I request that you reinforce procedures and remind your child to do the right thing, even when others infringe. If you see someone breaching the procedures, gently and respectfully remind them of our protocols and bring it the management’s attention if the behaviour persists. Everyone has had time to settle into the new normal so that we can expect a greater level of compliance. Please take the time to familiarise yourself again with the revised COVID-19 Procedures and A-Z COVID-19 updates (attached as pdfs). These documents are fully updated every month, and the leadership will communicate any minor amendments via the newsletter.

I have repeated the point several times that this pandemic is not going away anytime soon. We all need to adjust the way we do school life and prepare for a ‘long game’. To this end, the leadership has revised the plan for this year, including modifying the school’s Annual Plan for 2020. We humbly request that everyone continue reinforcing the motto: ‘near enough is good enough.’ This motto does not mean we want to drop our standards or settle for shoddy work. Instead, it is a call carefully determine priorities for this time, limit unnecessary noise caused by unplanned initiatives and creatively share how we can all work smarter during this time.

The school leadership continue to welcome ideas to assist with the streamlining of operations to support the wellbeing of the KingsWay community during this time. Can we do meetings better or differently? How do we restrict unnecessary noise, even perceived good noise during this time? What can we introduce to maintain a positive climate? What activities can be deferred? How can the school support parents with students who are struggling to make the transition back to school?

More importantly, let us also not miss the conversations and opportunities that God is going to provide during this challenging time. The leadership continue to pray for those in our community who are doing it tough currently. Please feel free to reach out to us. Our wonderful Counselling Department have prepared another resource to support your child during this time: A Parent Guide to Transitioning between Covid-19 Alert Levels and Reintegrating into School - please open the pdf attached below: 'Parent Guide 4'

God bless,

Graeme Budler
Executive Principal

Please open these useful pdf links attached below:

  • The A-Z COVID-19 Parent Information Sheet - June Edition (pdf attached)
  • The COVID Parent Procedures 2020 June (pdf attached)
  • A Parent Guide to Transitioning between Covid-19 Alert Levels and Reintegrating into School - please open the pdf attached below: 'Parent Guide 4'