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SLAMS our Co-curricular Programme

KingsWay School —

Dear KingsWay Community,

I am a huge fan and supporter of SLAMS, our co-curricular programme. For many of our students, this is where they succeed and the benefits often exceed short-term gains. They learn and practice vital soft skills required by life and industry, such as teamwork, leadership, time management, sportsmanship, handling pressure, management, responsibility and commitment. Not many of our students will make a living from their co-curricular pursuits; however, because of their co-curricular involvement, they are positively impacted.

The past few years have highlighted the loss of opportunities in these areas. Fortunately, we are slowly returning to pre-Covid participation levels. I would love to somehow resume the strategic focus of involving all students, regardless of their ability, in the co-curricular programme. This vision does not mean that all activities must be school-initiated or directed. However, I will emphasise that participating with schoolmates, no matter what level of proficiency, is unique, and KingsWay endeavours to see all programmes as an extension of the school's mission.

Feedback from our co-curricular leaders has taught us that many students are not exposed to the required skills and opportunities early enough, leading to apathy or loss of confidence to give it a go. Next year, we are initiating a Primary School sports rotation programme during school to complement our arts rotation programme. These programmes allow students to experiment with various co-curricular opportunities while developing the skills, talents and interests necessary to participate.

I want to end with the following challenge for those parents and students who see the co-curricular areas as unnecessary or inconvenient. Find anyone who regrets participating in the co-curricular programme while at school. For every person you find, I will find 20 who espouse the benefits. I am not trying to be obstreperous, but given all the evidence of the benefits of co-curricular participation, many students still do not enlist for some reason. I am committed to overcoming all obstacles to ensure this changes and welcome feedback and ideas in this regard.


Ngā mihi nui and God bless,

Graeme Büdler
Executive Principal