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A note from Mr Bennett

As Term 2 draws to a close, it is worth reflecting on the importance of our mission statement.

“To be a Christian community of learning that nurtures young people towards their full potential as servant leaders in the kingdom of God.”

Throughout the year, we focus on student achievement in a range of areas, including academic, sporting, cultural and service. However, one of the challenges we face is that while it is easier to ascertain how well students are going in academic, sporting and cultural spheres, it is sometimes difficult to evaluate how character development or ‘spiritual growth’ is progressing. We can recognise growth in students throughout the year in terms of character development and spiritual growth, but unlike the other areas of the curriculum, they are not always measured or visible in the same way.

With this in mind, it is good to remember that many of our students are involved in service roles both within and outside of school. For example, during the holidays a team of students are leaving for Vanuatu to serve communities there and to develop their faith. During assembly this week, we took time to pray for them and to hear from students about what they will be doing during this trip. They have all invested time to prepare songs, testimonies and different ways of presenting the gospel to the people they will be serving. Please keep this group in your prayers.

Vanuatu Mission Team — KingsWay School

It is also worth pausing and remembering that many of our students serve as prefects, student council leaders, media team representatives, mentors, international student support/translators, coaches and leaders in the school context. We are thankful for the service they provide our school community.

World Vision

Recently, students had an opportunity to stretch their faith in the area of fundraising for World Vision, with a particular focus on supporting refugees from Sudan. It’s worth noting that Kelvin Kok raised $888.88 towards this vital cause this year! Kelvin spent around 50 hours drawing pictures on request in exchange for sponsorship and ended up with a very sore hand and wrist for his awesome efforts. Well done Kelvin!

Entrepreneurs in Action

Mi Rae Han attended the Entrepreneurs in Action event in Wellington last weekend. Run by the Young Enterprise organization, 80 students from all around NZ were put into teams and competed in a series of businesses challenges. Mi Rae did incredibly well on not much sleep at all and was one of 8 students chosen for an all-expenses-paid trip to Brazil in December. Well done Mi Rae!

Tough Guy and Girl Challenge

Official results from the Tough Guy and Girl Challenge have been published and Elias Finlay finished 13th out of 1168 competitors. He completed the 6km mud run in 31.32mins which placed him very highly and also enabled him to achieve Excellence for a Physical Education performance standard.

Elias Finlay finished 13th out of 1168! — KingsWay School

Upcoming Dates for Term 3 

A full list of key dates for Term 3 is included on the pdf attached below. Dates are subject to change. If changes need to be made, they will be reflected on the website school calendar. Please CLICK HERE for the website school calendar.

Daniel Bennett
Head of Senior School