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Junior Campus Week 8, Term 3
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Junior Campus Notices - Week 8, Term 3, 2019

KingsWay School —

Please read the following parent notices for the Junior Campus.

A Note from De Gibson

School Values in Action

Working in a primary school our day-to-day interactions are a constant source of joy and entertainment. This term I was so excited to see our school values at work in the lives of our staff and students, sometimes with hilarious results. We don’t have perfect children here, we are on a journey of discipleship with students and their parents.

Values are deeply held beliefs that are express how people think and act. Our school values are: Truth, All People, Personal Faith and Character, and God’s Creation. If you want to know more about them check out our KingsWay Curriculum document on the school website. CLICK HERE

Value: Truth & All People

Recently while on duty, I had two junior students come to me in tears…let’s call them Marigold and Petal. Petal was crying because she had wanted to play with Marigold but was told that she was only allowed to play with her on certain days. Marigold was upset because she wanted some special time with her other friend (this is standard playground stuff). I bobbed down to their level, about to apply my deep teacher wisdom and grow their character… when in swoops a Year 2 girl, with hand up declaring ‘Now wait, Girls!’ She was on a mission and clearly was expecting me to wait, too!

“What does God teach us about this?” she asked, looking at the girls, clearly expecting an answer.

“To love each other,” replied Marigold quietly.

“Are we being loving?”, demanded the Year 2 Value Champion. At this point, with some difficulty (due to the enthusiasm of our wonderful Year 2 student), I took control of the conversation, unpacked it more with Marigold and Petal and was able to finish up at a good point and with some common understanding of what ‘loving’ can mean on the playground. It was such a delight to see such young students applying what they are learning!

Value: God’s Creation

Every week groups of students, from their own initiative, collect buckets from the office and pick up rubbish around the school. Not a consequence, but as a response to caring for God’s creation and keeping our school beautiful. It is amazing!

Value: Character

Recently we had a situation where two younger students were playing with a valuable item belonging to an older student and it ended up over the fence in the flax. The older student showed fantastic character qualities in the situation. He displayed self-control at the time, worked with the younger students to try and solve the problem and helped have the ‘character growing conversations’ with the students involved, as well as demonstrating forgiveness. He showed real patience, as the problem wasn’t able to be resolved quickly and he tried to be part of the solution at every step. The younger students told the truth quickly, avoiding blaming or making excuses. Two of the older classes helped by having a wonderful time hunting in the flax searching for the lost item, which was ultimately found by parents on the weekend. It really is wonderful to be part of a community that pulls together, even in situations like this.

Christian Character

At our end of year Prize Giving we recognise that all our students are developing in character and bring something special to our community. We do this through character certificates in every class. In addition to this, we award a ‘Christian Character Cup’ to recognise as the student who consistently displays Christian Character in their daily life at school.

A few years ago we awarded this to a student who really walked God’s principles with dealing with a peer who wasn’t always kind, but towards whom he consistently responded with forgiveness. The student in question would discuss what was challenging in the situation and how God’s Word was helping him to make sense of it and guiding his response to it.

It is a pleasure and privileged to be working alongside families in growing their children, and our school Values are central to this happening. As our children learn to value Truth, All People, Personal Faith & Character, and God’s Creation, they are becoming workers in God’s Kingdom, even at a young age.

Mrs De Gibson
Assistant Head of Primary

Term 3 Parent/Teacher Conferences – Primary School only (Years 1-6)

Thursday, 26 September from 3.30pm onwards at the Junior Campus, in each Teacher’s home base.

School finishes: 3.05pm for all Primary students

Buses: All buses will run at their normal times

Note: All primary parents are encouraged to book a 10-minute interview with your child’s teacher.

Information about the conferences and login details for the online booking system (PTO) will be emailed home TODAY,  Thursday 12 September.

The PTO website is open for bookings from 3.30pm and closes Thursday 26 September at 9am.

Parents please ensure your children leave school grounds before 3.20pm. If your child requires after school supervision please contact sKids:

www.skids.co.nz or email kingsway@skids.co.nz

Junior Campus Nut Allergy Policy

There is a blanket ban on Peanuts in anything.

If you are bringing food to share with your students class, please contact their teacher at least 24 hours ahead and advise of this.

The teacher will then inform you if there are allergies to be aware of in that class and also alert the parents of any student with severe allergies when there will be shared food

Children are strongly encouraged to NEVER share food and always wash their hands.

Health Centre

The Junior Campus Health Centre is looking for unwanted Primary uniform clothing as stock is getting low. Spare uniform clothing is kept at the Health Centre in the event of accidents where children have wet or muddy clothing. If your child goes home with spare clothing from the Health Centre, please wash and return to the office as soon as possible.

Please Note: There are a lot of uniform items that have not been returned to the office. This is making it very difficult when children are requiring a change of clothes.

Primary Sharing Assemblies Term 3:

All Primary students will attend a Sharing Assembly in the Junior Campus hall fortnightly, on Friday afternoons from 2.25pm - 3pm. Parents are welcome to attend these assemblies.


  • Week 8: Friday 13 September

  • Week 10: Friday 27 September

Year 6 Camp

On Tuesday, 17 of September, we will have a Camp Information Meeting for all the Year 6 parents. This will take place in the Junior Campus Staffroom at 6.30pm – 8pm. This meeting is for parents only and students will have their own meetings in school time to find out about camp. They will also have many opportunities to look at photos from previous camps and will be well prepared before the 30th of October.

Our Year 6 camp theme (and term 4 unit) is Beyond the Galaxies!

To promote student voice and to become involved in all the parts of their final term at the Junior Campus, the Year 6’s students were invited to create a poster that will feature on the cover of the Camp Booklet, be displayed in the foyer and will be published in the 2019 KingsWay Yearbook. So, with the theme ‘Beyond the Galaxies’ in mind, students set off to start their creations.

'Frontloading' took place over a few weeks as teachers and students discussed “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands”. This beautiful statement from Psalm 19:1 indicates one of the purposes of the created universe: the universe reveals the majesty of its Creator.

Many delightful pieces of artwork were handed in and are now on display in the Year 6 area. However, the final decision came down to two exquisite expressions of children’s understanding of the incredible universe that was designed for the purpose of declaring God’s glory to us.

Ava Simpson - Beyond the Galaxy — Image by: KingsWay School
Gideon van der Westhuizen — Image by: KingsWay School

Congratulations to Ava Sampson (CVA) and Gideon Van der Westhuizen (NBU) - we were all blown away by your incredible artwork!

Nikki Buys
Year 6 Teacher

Mobile Library

The Mobile Library is at Millwater Parkway near the sports fields car park on Fridays from 3.00pm until 3.45pm.

The Mobile Library is part of Auckland Libraries and offers a full compliment of library services for Children and Adults.

Mobile Library — Image by: KingsWay School

Marrzipan - Holiday Workshop

It's almost time for our AUCKLAND HOLIDAY WORKSHOP!

The Marrzipan Holiday Workshop runs from 10am-4pm Monday 7th - Friday 11th October at Birkdale Intermediate. Students will devise their own play from scratch, create characters, direct each other, design the set, bring in costumes and get to perform to family and friends at the end of the final day!

Past workshops have been a great hit! As well as having fun, the children develop confidence and public speaking ability, in a fun, relaxed environment.

For more information check out our website. Spaces are limited to 16 per group so get in quick!

W: marrzipandrama.co.nz
E: workshops@marrzipandrama.co.nz
T: 0275217352

Summer Hockey

Summer Hockey — Image by: KingsWay School

Dear Parents, Caregivers and Whanau,

Congratulations to our Year 3/4 , Year 5/6 Boys and Year 5/6 Girls HOCKEY TEAMS on a fantastic 2019 Winter Hockey Season! These students have represented our school very well as they braved the cold and wet weather, week in and week out. We as the KingsWay community salute them for their positive attitudes, their grit and discipline. Both our Year 5/6 Teams WON their respective games for the season. Well done to all.

However, their brilliant hockey skills do not have to ‘go into hibernation’ as we will soon have SUMMER HOCKEY starting at both the Millwater- and Rosedale Hockey Turfs. The Summer Hockey Programme is open to ALL children, even if they have never played hockey before.

Registrations for these are now open!
Please contact Mrs Coetzee (TIC) - monica.coetzee@kingsway.school.nz, should you wish to enter your child as part of a KingsWay Team, or feel free to register as an individual at either location.


Body Link

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  • Attention Deficit Disorder
  • Concentration problem
  • Seems to be disorganised and has difficulty staying on task
  • Poor memory
  • Difficulty in Mathematics
  • Coordination difficulties
  • General Academic under-achievement

At BodyLink, we aim to help children with coordination, learning and behavioural difficulties.

It is important to identify the source of the problem as learning is not all in the mind and physical factors could be hindering a child’s academic progress.

If your child is having difficulty at school, a full diagnostic assessment will enable us to evaluate and tailor-make a programme to suit his/her specific needs.

Many learning, balance and behavioural difficulties can be as a result of Neuro-Motor immaturity. If this is the case, the INPP Programme could help your child.

Please click on the pdf below and visit our website at www.bodylink.co.nz