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Community Update, 29 September 2021

KingsWay School —

A Note from Graeme Budler, Executive Principal

Dear KingsWay Community,

This week is Mental Health Awareness week which is quite pertinent with many struggling with their mental health presently in our community. This year’s focus is ‘Mā te kōrero, ka ora’ (take time to kōrero), and I’d encourage you all to do just that whether it’s checking in with a friend or colleague, having a kōrero over some kai, or saying hello to a stranger. Everyday conversations create connections.

I am proud of our counselling team and deans who go the proverbial mile to support students during times of crisis. In 2020 the Board agreed to hire an additional Associate Principal to help and oversee the area of student wellbeing. Chris Martin has quickly established himself as a fantastic leader committed to streamlining the delivery of wellbeing processes and practices to support learners. If your child is struggling, please contact our counselling team Cherie.wallace@kingsway.school.nz, or if less severe, please contact your child’s dean or form teacher.

God bless,

Graeme Budler
Executive Principal

Whole School Notices


If you wish to view the staff Gratitude page CLICK HERE.

Summer Sport

We are taking non-payment registrations for all summer sports. Please click the link below, click on the fees and registration tab. There you will find a link to register, without payment via a Microsoft form. Once we are able to start playing, you will be sent an email requesting payment.  

  • Cricket – Yr 9 & 10 Played on Saturday afternoon. Registrations close TODAY. Register HERE.
  • Summer Hockey Y1 – Y6. Played on Tuesday at Millwater turf. Registrations close 4th October Register HERE.
  • Summer Hockey Y9 – Y13 + If you are aged between Y9 – Y13 plus and are interested in playing summer hockey in a KWS adults (Y9 +) team please email the sports department at sportadmin@kingsway.school.nz
  • Touch Rugby Y1 – Y9. Played on Wednesdays. Registrations close Friday 15th October. Register HERE.
  • Summer Netball – Yr 1 – Y6 Girls and Boys Details will be up shortly on the school web page. Meanwhile, you can Click Here for details and registration.
  • New to netball Y3 – Y6 - Look out for details coming up on the website shortly for a four-week netball training session for new to netball or those who have ONLY played for one season to learn the basics of the game


Maintaining a Diet that Supports Wellbeing

Aside from the obvious habits of eating a well-balanced diet full of fresh, healthy, garden-to-table type foods (okay – and some KFC every now and again), what we consume through our eyes and ears has a significant influence on our wellbeing.

The old adage ‘we are what we eat’ extends to the messages we consume through media, books, and conversations. Consider the graphic below (courtesy of Hummingly):

Image by: KingsWay School

How much of your visual and audio diet is COVID related? Is your ‘pie’ more focussed on COVID issues (the vaccine debate, outbreak numbers, restrictions vs liberties) or are you focusing on things that Paul’s letter to the Philippian's state are true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy? What we focus on shapes our feelings, thinking and action. During Mental Health Awareness Week take a moment to inventory your media diet and realign it to the things of God. 

Navigating the Digital Spaces of GenZ - TONIGHT at 7 pm

See THIS LINK for details of this week's webinar. 

Primary School Notices

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Thursday 30th September

There is still time to book in an online meeting with your child’s teacher via PTO. Bookings close on Thursday at 9am.

Please note that as we have not been able to carry out assessments this term, the conversations will not be data driven but will be about the students’ general progress, well-being and next steps for learning. 

Middle School Notices

No new notices.

Senior School Notices

The past two days have seen a number of Year 13 students return to school to work in small subject ‘bubbles’ to work with some teachers. Priority went to subjects where work was unable to be completed at home, as special dispensation had to be granted from the Ministry. Feedback from teachers has been overwhelmingly positive about the students working back on-site and being able to catch up on work missed. Even though numbers are small, it is awesome to see some students back at school. In Week 1 of next term, we are also planning on some extended time with other subjects and year levels. 

Congratulations to Claire Trebilco

Claire recently won a prestigious award from Canon for the ‘Business Bestie’ for a staff member in any organisation who has performed above and beyond this year. Nominations were put through via Linked In and you can see the announcement here. Claire’s nomination was focused around her extraordinary commitment and leadership of the Senior School production this year and last. We hope you enjoy the trip to Christchurch that comes with the award! Congratulations Claire!