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Aotearoa National 'Our Papatūānuku' Competition Winners

KingsWay School —

Congratulations to Angelica Zhang and Karla de Wet!

Two of our students, Angelica Zhang (Year 10) and Karla de Wet (Year 12), entered an international competition 'Our Other Mother'. This is an inaugural Student Art and Literature Competition which asks students to share their voice about their love and concerns for Mother Earth, Our Papatūānuku through any of the various mediums;

  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Mixed Media
  • Poetry
  • Letter (Dear Papatuanuku)

Both KingsWay students won in their categories and age groups. This means that their illustrations will be put into a book to be taken to the next global COP27, the United Nations Climate Change Summit held in Egypt this year. This is a very prestigious prize; an opportunity to represent New Zealand and our concerns about climate change.

Below are Angelica and Karla's interpretations for their artwork:

Angelica Zhang's winning illustration

Angelica’s design ‘Heart beat-en?’ is about our Earth as a heart being squeezed, poisoned and damaged by mankind. We have developed the technology to perform heart transplants and prevent heart disease but too often we neglect to care for our planet. The tender green seedling represents the birth of a new generation and when it grows into a gigantic forest, it can bring us new vitality.

Karla's Illustration

Karla de Wet's winning illustration

‘Wildfire’ is a piece of art I created to address the continued increase in forest fires we see all around the world. I was inspired to do this after some of the resent mass devastation we have seen caused by forest fires, in both Australia and in California in The United States of America. In the painting there is a fire fast approaching towards the four-ground, while animals are trying to escape as fast as possible. I also used some satire in the form of the sign on the tree that reads “Human Property”, to show that this is in fact our responsibility to rectify the problem, and that it is our responsibility to stop it from happening again.

Congratulations and well done to Angelica Zhang and Karla de Wet!

You can view their work, along with the other winners on this webpage: https://www.flourish.org.nz/our-papatuanuku-2022.html.