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Uniform Review and Changes

KingsWay School —

In Term 1 and Term 2 the school undertook a review of uniform. The community, students and staff were surveyed, resulting in 480 responses as well as individual submissions targeting uniform items of interest. Most responses came from members of the Middle and Senior School communities, with less engagement from Primary. All responses were read and categorised. Stakeholders identified that the KingsWay School uniform should be smart-casual with 57% of all respondents selecting this option.

The majority of stakeholders also noted that the uniform should be cost-effective, comfortable for students and be able to be worn in multiple combinations. Consequently, the Executive Leadership Team (ELT) used these parameters to guide decisions about possible changes to uniform.

As parents, you will be happy to know that any changes will be phased in overtime. This communication outlines the first of the agreed changes to uniform in 2021.

Senior School Girls Skirt: The Senior girls' skirt (mid-calf) will remain as a uniform item in 2021. Girls in Senior School will also have the option to wear the knee-length Middle School skirt. This is in response to feedback that the Senior skirt is too hot in summer, too restrictive in movement and unflattering for different body shapes. Senior girls wearing the Middle School skirt must ensure that the skirt is knee-length or below.

Senior Boys Shirt: Stakeholders from all parts of the community commented about the appearance and fit of the Senior boy’s shirt. The shirt will be changed in 2021. The ELT are continuing to explore options, but it is envisaged that the boy’s shirt will be designed to be worn untucked and be of a more durable grade fabric.

Trousers: Several Middle School students and their families would like the option for Middle School boys to wear trousers. This is approved. The ELT is also exploring trousers for girls to wear in both Senior and Middle School.

Other Changes

Exercise tights: Exercise tights are permitted to be worn as part of the PE uniform. These are to be below the knee and a solid colour in black or navy blue.

Hoodie: Several students requested that a hoodie be added as a uniform item. The ELT debated this at length but was rejected as a hoodie is not consistent with a smart-casual uniform. The school is committed to exploring alternative jumper options in 2021 as feedback showed that the current jumper is not well supported.