A note of thanks and encouragement from Peter Wilding on behalf of the Board of Trustees.

KingsWay School —

Dear Kingsway Community, a warm greetings from the Board of trustees to you all again as we emerge from our various bubbles. Thank you for your support and assistance in helping us work through the last few weeks while continuing to deliver learning to so many of our students. The Board also extends our thanks to all staff who responded so quickly to enable learning to continue. We know it wasn’t a totally smooth process yet our staff worked incredibly hard to make it as much as possible a positive experience for students. Our staff have also been working tirelessly to ensure a smooth integration back to school.

A year ago I would not have thought it was possible to pause or even just slow down the mad treadmill of what had become our business-as-usual lives. I’m aware it wasn’t an easy time for some families but this enforced “sabbatical” for many of us has allowed people to catch their breath, appreciate the value of rest and reconnect with family members as our country paused to breath again.

Before COVID-19, my standard week was full speed for 6 days before finally collapsing exhausted on Sunday (when not on church roster for something) then using my Sunday evening to prep for Monday’s board meeting or some other activity). This enforced break has prompted me to rethink the concept and value of the Sabbath and again I have concluded our God understands our human frailty and needs better than we do.

As we walk into the coming weeks I encourage you to consider the importance of real and regular rest and connection with those we love. The meaning of the biblical term ‘Selah’ is debated, but many commentators believe it may mean “pause and consider…” a regular practice we all would benefit from.

Blessings from our Board members to you all,

Peter Wilding
Board Chairperson