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Primary Term 2, Wk 8
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Primary School Notices, Week 8 -Term 2

KingsWay School —

A Note from De Gibson

Kids are the best. We can learn a lot from them, they view the world through less layers of complexity. They find joy in an autumn leaf, laugh at a picture of a pig with a big bottom and sorrow deeply with a friend. Emotions are God-given, part of how we are designed and are something that all children must learn to navigate.

Some children’s emotions are often closer to the surface than adults. They need to experience a range of feelings to understand them, how to deal with them and the things that cause them. Children are very good at recording experience, and often need support to interpret it. They benefit from having people, of all ages, journey with them through their emotions. As grown-ups, this can present some challenges. No one likes to see their child in pain, physical or emotional. We know emotional development is part of life, what does it look like to do it well?

Your child’s journey is their journey. As adults we carry shadows from our past and when something happens to our child our own shadows colour our vision. Some of them we are aware of and we try not to let them impact our children. Some feelings we are blind to or have made friends with - a fear, a point of view or an unbearable feeling. It is these emotions that we often see outworked in our children’s lives. They are often caught, not taught.

Modelling having emotions for your child is powerful. Children often simplify emotions into ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’. Anything that doesn’t feel good must be ‘Bad’ and avoided. We know that God has emotions. Having the emotion isn’t the issue, it is what we do with it. Children learn from seeing good practice modelled. They have no clue how we process internally and move through our emotion. A great tool we can use to teach this is called ‘Think Aloud’.

‘Think Aloud’ is when we give voice to what we are thinking. It takes our processing and lays it out for all to see. Here is an example. A friend doesn’t do what they said they would do. A think aloud might go “I didn’t like that ____, it makes me feel ___! I am going to (healthy behaviour) to calm down. I need to remember that usually, they are a good friend, I can solve this problem. Next I am going to…”. This feels awkward to start with, even contrived, but it has a powerful impact. Children benefit from repeated modelling. Even if you orchestrate situations. It means that your child is being coached from a place of ‘action’ and not ‘reaction’. They can see you having and holding emotions, then moving through them.

Gordon Neufeld is a developmental psychologist whose work I have found hugely helpful as a parent and a teacher. One of the tips I have taken away from his work is helping children hold and experience their emotions. That when we rescue, or prevent them from experiencing challenges, we impact their ability to adapt to challenges. This has flow-on effects in their lives in resilience, self-confidence and identity. There is a place for us to take the pressure off a situation for a child, but not to remove the problem. He also talks about parenting as not a formula but a ‘dance’, working with your child as they navigate this business of growing up.

Each stage of development brings joys and challenges. One day in the staffroom I had a Year 3 student burst in and exclaim “I love trees!!”. He was full of wonder and excitement and just had to tell me. The same student found the Olympics very challenging as he was devastated if New Zealand didn’t win the event he was watching. Another student would hold their feelings more on the inside, quietly sneak over to show their treasure or not have any words to describe their feelings.

Whatever your child is like, whatever season your family is in, may you know God’s blessing, strength and wisdom. If you are struggling, or the emotions in your home are not going well, reach out, don’t do it all on your own. We so appreciate partnering with you to ‘nurture your child towards their full potential in the Kingdom of God’.

De Gibson
Assistant Head of Primary

Junior Campus Notices

Junior Campus Assemblies

A reminder that there will be no assemblies until further notice.

Health Centre Notice

Parents/caregivers are reminded to please keep their children home if they are not well. This is a Ministry of Education requirement.

Parents/caregivers, whose children come to school with a heavy cold, sore throat or flu-like illness, will be contacted and asked to take their child home.

Please practise and reinforce the following at home with your children:

  • Frequent hand washing with soap and water and drying hands well or using hand sanitiser.
  • Coughing or sneezing into a tissue and disposing of the tissue in a bin.
  • Coughing into the elbow.
  • Washing hands after coughing, sneezing and blowing the nose.

Zone Days

There will be no Primary Zone days in Term 2.

Nut Allergy Policy

There is a total ban on Peanuts or products containing peanuts in school. If you are bringing food to school to share with your child’s class, please contact your child’s teacher 48 hours ahead of time to let them know. The teacher will then inform you if there are food allergies to be aware of and will also alert the parents of the students with severe allergies to inform them that there will be shared food.

Children are strongly encouraged to NEVER share food and always wash their hands before and after eating

Activity Costs

Activity Costs for 2020 are due. Please note that there are no Activity Cost refunds being processed for Primary students as any activities missed as a result of the lockdown have been re-scheduled for later in the term or year.

Mufti Day

Tomorrow, Friday 5 June, is Mufti Day to help raise money for World Vision’s work in Malawi. The theme is ORANGE! Please could students bring a gold coin donation.

Children Arriving to School Early

Our Primary school hours are from 8.55 am - 3.05 pm. Children must NOT be dropped off at school before 8.30 am and must leave the school grounds before 3.30 pm. If your child requires before school or after school supervision please refer to our sKids (Safe Kids in Daily Supervision) programme which is held on the Junior Campus: www.skids.co.nz or email kingsway@skids.co.nz.

Extra Activities

SKIDS after school programme - CLICK HERE for further information.


Chess — Image by: pixabay.com

Why Chess?

  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Develop important life skills – fair play and decision making
  • Tactical & Strategic thinking
  • Prepare for Chess Tournaments against other schools
  • Develop a love of chess, of learning and of thinking

What happens in a Chess Power Coaching Programme?

Each session starts with a formal lesson; all players will learn a new strategy, idea or skill each week. Then they put those skills into practice with activities and games. All games are monitored and supervised by the coach who provides individual feedback along the way.

Throughout the programme, we reward kids that do well and encourage and support kids that are struggling. At completion of the programme we recognise each child with a certificate based on their performance.

Q Where can I learn more?

A Visit our website, www.chesspower.co.nz and click Parents Centre


This is 5 weeks chess coaching program running on Thursdays from 4 June 2020 till 2 July 2020 from 3:10 pm – 4:10 pm. The fee will be $95/student for the term.

The sessions will be held in the Junior Campus Staffroom.

If the program is successful a new full 10-week program will be made available for Term 3.


If your child would like to be part of this please visit our website. Both registration and payment can be done online.


R&B Music Tuition at the Junior Campus

R & B Music Tuition at KingsWay School — Image by: KingsWay School

Marzipan Drama

Marzipan Drama is running a special DISCOUNTED short term for the rest of Term 2! Students will get to explore different scripts, choose their favourite, audition and be cast as a character, and then record a MOVIE TRAILER for the play. A digital copy will be sent to parents so you can celebrate your child’s achievements by watching it at home with them.

Marzipan Drama is a safe space where children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and come out of their shell when they are ready, with the guidance of our wonderful, fun and supportive Marrzipan teachers.

Check out our website for more info or to book a trial class marrzipandrama.co.nz

Football FUNdamentals

Image by: KingsWay School

Kelly Sports

Image by: KingsWay School

Hear Say

Image by: KingsWay School

Thinking Caps In-School Maths

Image by: KingsWay School

Want your child to learn their times tables off by heart? We can help!
We offer in-school lessons here at KingsWay School.
Lessons are in small groups and this term we are focusing on multiplication and division.

For more information, please visit www.thinkingcaps.co.nz


Image by: KingsWay School