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Grandparents' Morning
Photo by KingsWay School

Grandparents' Morning at the Junior Campus

KingsWay School —

Wednesday, 28 March from 9.15am – 12pm at the KingsWay School Junior Campus, 2 Bonair Crescent, Silverdale.

This is a special day where Grandparents are able to interact with their grandchildren in their Learning Studios and see the school grounds. 

Tea, coffee and a special treat to eat will be provided. 

If Grandparents live too far away you are welcome to invite a friend or neighbour with whom your child has a special relationship. 

Car Park Arrangements

The top car park within the school grounds on Millwater Parkway will be reserved for visitors who have a certified mobility pass that allows them to park in disabled parking areas. Everyone else is requested to please park in the large car park on Bonair Crescent.

Helpers Needed

The PTA are in need of helpers for Grandparents Day. Starting at 9am with food deliveries, cutting and platting food, helping set up, assisting grandparents if needed, car parking and final clean up. If you can assist, even if only for an hour, please contact, michelle.pearce@kingsway.school.nz