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Sport - Tournament Week

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2022 Tournament week: My experience

1st XI Football Boys

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Tournament week was my first and last, and one I won’t forget. Spirits were high as we set off; a long drive that could easily be tedious was filled with music and chatter. After training, we set up at our accommodation. Though there was a buzz in the air, the invitation for showers, dinner and bed was received warmly after a long day.

Monday morning saw excitement fully return. We didn’t get the results we hoped for on Monday or Tuesday, although we improved in our playing. Even though there was disappointment, everyone was happy and enjoying each other’s company. We remained undeterred, hungry for more, and we finished the week on a high, winning the rest of our games. Winning our last game was especially satisfying, beating Pukekohe, who beat us 3-0 on Monday. I couldn’t think of a better way to end my tournament week experience and my time playing football for Kingsway.

I was proud of the way we gelled together through thick and thin. The team grew closer during tournament, yet it was the last time we will get to play together as this group. Though that is sad, I feel so fortunate to have had the experience. The highs, the lows, getting to know each other possibly too closely, and all the funny moments in between. What a way to spend a week, with a bunch of top-class lads. Tournament week, you bittersweet beauty, I shan’t ever forget you.

Samuel Howie

1st XI Football Girls

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Tournament week was memorable for every team member. We had the pleasure of playing a week of football in Rotorua whilst creating everlasting bonds. For most of the week, we had two games a day, teaching us resilience and dedication, and everyone put in 110% to every game.

The highlights, besides the football, were the mini golf with bunnies, a Masterchef competition that consisted of many delicious meals, and the constant singing and dancing.
We learnt the importance of unity, teamwork and encouragement. We pushed each other to be the best football players on the field and the best versions of ourselves off the field. Tournament week was a blast!

Jenna Harold

Senior 1 Netball

Image by: KingsWay School

Tournament week was a great experience as the team was able to grow closer together. The games at night, such as blindfolded taste testing and charades, were immensely enjoyable and brought many laughs. Attending tournament has given each of us incredible friendships and a greater sense of connection with God. The devotions we completed every day helped us to learn the importance of playing for the Lord in every moment of every game and to keep him in mind always

Although it wasn’t exactly pleasurable, all the girls bonded while freezing in the lake after games when doing hot and colds for recovery. Because of the connection events during tournament, we played more as a unit on the court, and were able to improve throughout the week. Going on tournament is an amazing experience that provides fond memories and friendships and is a pleasure to be a part of.

Grace Bridge

1st XI Hockey Girls

Image by: KingsWay School

Tournament week was a week to remember! After two years with no tournament, it was a blast to get away.

As our team bonded together, we grew our faith, and I personally came away with a stronger relationship with God. We enjoyed devotions, the yummiest food (Mr Barnard’s bobotie), crazy challenges, and most importantly, great hockey.
As a team, our hockey improved drastically over the week. We had a bit of a tough pool, losing our first two games, but then came out with great wins for the last three games.

We had a great week, with many supporters travelling down for the day to support us. We even had the other school who were staying at our accommodation come and support us. Tournament is a week to remember. I want to thank all the parents and management team who made the week possible.

Charlie Wills