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Foundation Day Video 2019
Video by KingsWay School

Foundation Day at KingsWay School

KingsWay School —

Foundation Day took place on Tuesday, 10 September. Students and staff spent time praying for our school, giving thanks for the people who have gone before, praying for 'us' in the present, and praying scriptures and making prophetic declarations over the school for the future.

The essence of our Foundation Day celebration was to:

  • Relive the history of KingsWay School
  • Honour God for His provision
  • Honour the people whose shoulders we stand on
  • Celebrate the present
  • Look forward to and pray into the future of our school

Everyone enjoyed ice blocks at morning tea time  😀

Foundation Day at the Junior Campus — Image by: KingsWay School
Image by: KingsWay School
Foundation Day — Image by: KingsWay School
Image by: KingsWay School

Many thanks to Daniel McMurray for editing and producing the Foundation Day video.