Beehold - Young Enterprise by KingsWay School

2018 Young Enterprise Groups

Please support the following Young Enterprise Groups:

Biltong Brothers

We are the Biltong Brothers and we sell our own special flavours of Biltong. 

Our Biltong costs $7 for a 100gram bag. Follow us on Instagram to keep updated of when we attend markets @biltongbrothersofficial.


We are a YES group called ‘Assist ‘. We sell greeting cards and have partnered up with ‘Tearfund’, with the hope of bringing awareness to the lack of food, water and education in third world countries – 10% of the cost of each card goes towards Tearfund’s work in these areas. Each card is $5.00 and comes with an envelope and a small note explaining more about the cause. 

To contact us in order to purchase one of our cards or if you have any questions, you can email us at or contact us through our social media accounts on Facebook or Instagram (assistcards)


BeeHold is an eco-friendly Young Enterprise business that focuses on reducing the use of one-use plastics. We hope to make a big impact as a company in our local environment, allowing the public to see the true damage of one-use plastics so that we become more aware of our eco-footprint. We want to make a huge impact on our school, hoping to see people opening their lunchboxes and pull an eco-friendly reusable BeeHold wrap holding their lunches.

Prices are $6 for a small (20x20); $10 for medium (30x30); $12 for large (35x35).

You can buy them on our website 


Invert is a new, unique wooden sign product that offers both personalised and pre-made purchasing options. Each Invert uses a creative puzzle-like design to decode words so that they can only be seen by 'reading between the lines'. Primarily featured in a traditional black and white colour, each product comes equipped with wooden stand legs so that it can be easily displayed in any home, bedroom, or desk space.

Pricing ranges from $25 - $40 depending on the size of the word. If you’re interested in purchasing a custom order of your own, or simply want to know more, contact us at We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!


We are a YES group full of passion and respect for the environment and a sustainable future, and so we created Eco Kits as an easy way to cut plastic out of one area of our daily routine. These kits are plastic free and recyclable (and extremely trendy). 5% of all of our profits goes towards Million Metres, an organization that plants trees along our rivers to help create clean waterways.

We have a range of kits to suit everyone’s needs.

Our Original kits cost $25 and contain an Eco brush (bamboo toothbrush), Eco Floss (100% compostable), Fairtrade soap and a fluoride free toothpaste.

You can find us on Facebook or Instagram : @eco.kits

Or visit our website at


Our product is a hand-made cologne sourced from natural plant extracts like Green Tea and Ginger. The scent is like a green tea drink, herbaceous and slightly strong on your first mist, without overpowering your senses.

Contact us:


Mobile: 022 4230980