Ashton Warner by KingsWay School

Congratulations to Ashton Warner

Cyber experts battle evil drones in 2018 challenge...

Ashton Warner (Year 7) attended the two day event at Waikato University and competed in a team called ‘Potato Pirates’ with his 18 year old brother Logan (Year 13 student at KingsWay last year). The competition has 4 rounds and was really tough. The first round was the online qualifying round where the first 150 people to complete the online challenges made it through. The other rounds were at Waikato University. Round two was a capture the flag competition followed by a policy challenge. Only the top five teams of about 60-80 teams made it to the final round. Ashton and Logan were around the middle of the pack and didn’t get to the final round but they loved being there. Ashton was the youngest by far and won a prize for being the youngest participant.

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