Connect 4 by KingsWay School

Board of Trustees Update

Once again I extend warmest greetings to you from your Board. A key focus of the board has been to ensure our school provides a rich variety of learning opportunities for our students and an environment which supports their learning.

Earlier this year our school management proposed the introduction of a new curriculum subject that will enable students to explore and learn a wide variety of skills required for the hospitality industry, a hugely important and continually growing vocational opportunity in New Zealand. The proposal required significantly repurposing a building and installing new industry grade facilities for students to use. We are enormously thankful to our proprietor who has agreed to fund the infrastructure changes while the Board will cover the costs of the equipment and the fit out to prepare the school for this exciting new venture in the life of KingsWay School. We expect it will be in place ready for the beginning of 2019. The Board also committed additional significant funding to see our wireless IT network bolstered for increased digital learning next year and improved student experience. The major renovations for the Primary school (funded by our proprietor) are proceeding with building consents currently before council and the relocation and fit out of a new library for the Primary is well underway which had been funded by the Board. We believe all of this will contribute to improved learning experiences for our students and provides improved teaching facilities for our staff.

All of these initiatives come at a cost and I will be writing personally to all parents shortly to explain this work, and how your fees, donations and our all financial support is being spent at KingsWay school.

A Tribute to Wes Braddock, Head of Senior School

Many have already heard that Wes has chosen to end his teaching career at KingsWay at the end of this year and pursue some business interests he has been developing. On behalf of the Board I would like to thank Wes for his leadership of Senior School over the last four years and all that he has brought to the school as a senior leader, Christian educator, passionate follower of Christ and friend of KingsWay School. We bless Wes and his family for their journey ahead and are grateful for the time we have enjoyed having him as part of the life of our school.

Connecting with your Board

The Board has established a constant review cycle of all our policies that guide our school and staff to ensure they are current and meet the needs of the school and our stakeholders. We know your time is precious and asking parents to attend meetings to cover such matters is inevitably challenging. To make it easier to be involved we are placing the draft polices that have been reviewed by the Board on our Board webpage each month for community comment. You are invited to respond with any thoughts or suggestions at any time. We also publish our draft Board minutes on our webpage a week after each meeting to help keep you informed of what is being discussed and planned.

I pray that God’s peace rests on you, your family and your home for the months ahead.

Peter Wilding
Chairperson – Board of Trustees