Hairspray 2 by KingsWay School

Senior School HAIRSPRAY Production

The Senior School Hairspray production was a great success in so many ways. Here are some of the personal experiences, written by cast members:

The production gave me a second family, being able to be open to everyone and be connected and be embraced by my production family and being in a supportive community was so amazing. Being able to perform with people that share the same passions as me was so cool. This experience made me grow as a person as already being a family-oriented person, having all these people that cared for me and helped me along this crazy experience was the best. They all hold a special place in my heart, and being able to be apart of something like this and be able to share the stage with so many talented people, was an absolute pleasure.

Lili-Ole-Vanu Latu

Being part of this show was truly an experience of full immersion into the world of theatre. A combination of high performance standards and a passionate cast made for an intensely challenging yet gratifying rehearsal process; learning from mistakes, gaining new group work skills and understanding our own star qualities. However it was really only when the curtains opened on that first night that our hearts came alive... that feeling I shall never forget.

Amaani George

Family! One word to describe a season that became truly life-changing! Hairspray was more than students coming together to entertain an audience over the course of the eight shows, it became a show with a greater purpose. Being immersed within an environment that focused on building on and embracing our God given gifts to honour Him was what made Hairspray a truly life changing experience! Once a family, always a family! I honour each and every person who was involved. This was a truly significant chapter in my own journey! 'You Gotta think big to be big' - Tracy T.

Thank you Mrs Perrow x

Much love
Amie (Tracy)

This years’ production had been by far the most fantastic year 13 experience for me. It challenged me both mentally and physically but that only made me stronger. Hairspray has helped me realise how much God has blessed me with the Performing Arts. This production has definitely helped me to become even more stage confident and to help me give the best performance I possibly could for each show. The production has pushed me to believe I can do anything if I put my mind to it. The family in ‘Hairspray’ was one I'm never going to forget because it was such pure and caring family. Whenever someone seemed down the whole team flooded towards them. I’m ever so grateful that I could be part of this beautiful experience.

Priya Miller