Jamie Turbull by KingsWay School

Studio Narrative

Studio Narrative is a small design studio that specialises in crafting the unique story of your brand. We find the emotional truth that resonates with your target market and wrap it in beautiful design.

We start by defining your brand's strategy. Who needs your brand? What is the personality of your brand? What is it's unique essence? When we've nutted this out, we develop an engaging story that appeals to your target market while staying true to the brand personality. Finally, we create the brand graphics to bring the story life showing how your brand can stretch across multiple touchpoints.

My name is Jamie Turnbull, and I have the pleasure of being Studio Narrative's Creative Director. I'm a branding and packaging designer with over a decade of experience. A lot of that was spent working for some of New Zealand's biggest food brands. I love the strategy of design and getting to the heart of your brand; finding the place where your audience emotionally connects with your brand. I work with a team of very smart people that are just as committed as I am to getting the best out your brand.

If you would like to talk about how we can help craft something for you, get in touch, we'd love to chat.



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