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Student Wellbeing

The KingsWay School Counselling Team and sustaining student wellbeing.

Student wellbeing is strongly linked to learning. A student's level of wellbeing at school is indicated by their satisfaction with life at school, their engagement with learning and their social- emotional behaviour. It is enhanced when evidence-informed practices are adopted by schools, in partnership with families and community. Optimal student wellbeing is a sustainable state, characterised by predominantly positive feelings and attitude, positive relationships at school, resilience, self-optimism and a high level of satisfaction with learning experiences (Noble & Wyatt, 2008).

The KingsWay School Counselling Team plays an important role in sustaining student wellbeing as part of a wider pastoral care approach at the school. Led by Cherie Wallace, the team functions to equip learners at KingsWay to tackle the task of self-management, girded by foundational biblical principles. Daniel Jackson and Su Fenwick work alongside Cherie at the Senior and Junior Campus respectively, engaging with learners on a needs basis. All KWS counsellors are affiliated with professional bodies and are bound by both ethical and legal codes of practice. Where ongoing, long-term counselling support is required, the team have several external contacts to which they can refer people. The team acknowledges the contribution of Don Wilson who has served faithfully and with great effect in the Counselling space over the past eight years.

Looking ahead, the vision for the Counselling Team is that all KingsWay learners be grounded in the knowledge of who they are in Christ, so that they can thrive in connectedness, individual strengths, resilience and compassion. In doing so, it is our firm belief that these young people will bless others with gifts of respect, empathy, hope and kindness. In doing so, they will depart KingsWay school as confident, connected, actively involved lifelong learners who embody much of our Christian special character.

As it is, everyone’s wellbeing journey has ups and downs. The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged all within our community over the past couple of months. The Counselling Team has witnessed great strength from students, staff and families to navigate this time. A recent survey of the student population indicated that 78% of students witnessed a degree of growth in their motivation to do good things with their life as a result of time in lockdown. In the same way, 76% of students better appreciate the value of each day and 81% of students developed a new skill or interest. It is great to celebrate such growth, while simultaneously working with those who may be struggling.

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