Speech Bubbles by KingsWay School

Student Quotes from Lockdown

Students were asked to write down, in a few words or sentences, what they felt about their lockdown experience...

Junior School Comments:

To stay clean and healthy. Leane

 We are all in this together. Nevan

It is really hard to be a parent. Amelia

 Things don’t always go the way you planned them. Mikah

It is hard to live with a baby. Daniel

Middle School Comments:

I have learnt that the things you have daily are more special than you think, and when it's taken away, you realise how precious it is. I realised that school has a much bigger impact in my life and during lockdown I lost that privilege, however I did online school. Sadly, not everyone in the world has education and amazing things that are clean or usable like things we have, so we should be thankful for what we have even if it is a little thing.  Yingying

If people want to contact you, they will. Michaela

I learnt that working from home is much harder than working from school because you can get distracted easily. Ria

To not take things for granted. That we should be grateful. We are so lucky to be able to just drive up to the shops or meet a friend at a cafe. Sierra

NEVER use an iterator while you are already using it in your code. Ashton

Senior School Comments:

Lockdown gave me the opportunity to pick up things that I was struggling on, that I would usually overlook. It gave me a chance to work on my own learning and time management, and personally, I think my learning has benefitted a substantial amount. Even though I missed my friends, it gave me a chance to not have distractions around me. Nathan

I had time to do stuff I wouldn’t normally get to do, and I learned to love my family no matter how annoying they can be. Stella

I learned flexibility and the ability to study on my own terms, at my own pace and how I wanted to. Thomas

I learned the importance of staying in touch with my friends. Lockdown put a strain on my wellbeing, not being able to connect with my close mates. Benji

I learned not to over-train when working out. I got tendonitis from doing too much, which has meant no training for weeks now. Milan

I developed patience. I couldn’t wait to come out of lockdown as I missed staying in touch face to face with my friends. It wasn’t normal, so I didn’t like it. Harry

I learned proper time management skills. Having to learn online and manage myself and my time more than I've ever done before. Sarah

I learned to be thankful for every day. Losing freedom and privilege meant I understood better the things I had it easy with. I also learned to be diligent with my work and learn how to effectively manage my time and self. Ross