Open Water Divers L3 by

Heading to the Open Water

Scuba Diving — Image by: KingsWay School

Sixteen Level 2 and 3 students embarked on an Open Water Scuba Dive course, offering the opportunity to further develop transferrable skills and gain 11 NCEA credits. Initially the Dive course was offered to the Marine Science subject, and then opened up to include the Gateway Course for students who could be interested in Adventure Tourism and Conservation.

Students demonstrated great teamwork and resilience throughout. The training involved two days training in the pool, and then four scuba dives on the Leigh coast. Conditions were good to dive, however, the water temperature was a little cool! Plenty of chocolate biscuits and hot drinks between dives proved to be a great encourager! Students dived at Mathieson’s Bay and Goat Island Marine Reserve.

Sam Stammers
Senior School Science Teacher