Vaughan Darby 1 by KingsWay School

Honouring Vaughan Darby

We wish to honour a member of our school community, Vaughan Darby, for his tireless and continuous commitment and significant influence in the wellbeing and growth of our school for over 20 years.

Vaughan Darby – Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools/Association of Integrated Schools NZ

For more than two decades, Vaughan has participated in a volunteer capacity in a variety of key roles in our school including on our school board and for the last 20 years, the chairperson of the Kingsway Trust, which provides the land and buildings for our school. During this time under Vaughan’s leadership, the school received new school blocks, an event centre, an entirely new primary campus, and numerous in-school developments such as a commercial-grade hospitality suite to expand curriculum options for students.

Vaughan is also actively involved in a voluntary capacity in several other trusts and committees that support schools and promotes education throughout New Zealand including the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools (current Chair), New Zealand Christian Proprietors Trust (founding Chair and current Trustee), and the Association of Integrated schools (current Chair).

Vaughan has indicated he is to step down from some of his roles this year leaving an amazing legacy in numerous schools that will benefit thousands of children across New Zealand for many years to come. We would like to honour Vaughan’s exemplary commitment, visionary leadership and selfless giving of his time and often personal resources for the benefit of others over such an extended period of time.

Peter Wilding
Chairperson of the Board of Trustees