Annual Plan by KingsWay School

2021 Annual Plan Initiatives

These initiatives are linked to the 2030 Strategic Growth and Development Plan.

Curriculum Overview — Image by: KingsWay School

Our 2021 Initiatives:

Leadership — Image by: KingsWay School


The Aspiring Leadership Programme (Implementation Phase)

Powerful Connections — Image by: KingsWay School

Powerful Connections and Relationships:

Deepening Connections to our New Zealand Bicultural Heritage (Initiation Phase)

Effective Teaching — Image by: KingsWay School

Effective Teaching and Curriculum

Responsive Timetable (Initiation Phase)

Junior Secondary Programme - Year 10

Evaluation for Improvement — Image by: KingsWay School

Evaluation for Improvement and Innovation

Leadership Capability and Capacity (Initiation Phase)

NCEA Level 1 Relaunch (Investigation Phase)

Kahui Ako - Community of Learning — Image by: KingsWay School

Annual Plan Initiatives linked to the Community of Learning - Kahui Ako

English Language Learners (Implementation Phase)

Student Wellbeing (Initiation Phase)

Key Competencies (Investigation Phase)

SLAMS - Sport, Leadership, Arts, Missions, Service — Image by: KingsWay School

Annual Plan Initiatives Linked to SLAMS
(KingsWay’s Co-curricular Programme)


KingsWay Graduate Reflective Portfolio (Initiation Phase)

Student Voluntary Army (Implementation Phase)


Arts Director (Initiation Phase)


Missions (Implementation Phase)

Image by: KingsWay School

Annual Plan Initiatives Linked to Ministry of Education Targets and Initiatives

Improve the achievement of English Second Language Learners (Implementation Phase)

New Digital Technology Curriculum (Initiation Phase)

Te Tiriti o Waitangi Enhancement (Investigation Phase)