New Year 10 Space by KingsWay School

A Note from the Proprietors

The Proprietor (KingsWay Trust/NZCPT) is charged with ensuring that the special Christian character of our school is maintained and enhanced and that we maintain and provide suitable property provision for the number of students enrolled at the school.

The KingsWay Trust have completed their development of our Special Character Guidelines over the past few years and 2020 saw the beginning of their implementation across the network of Christian Schools for which the NZCPT is the Proprietor. Dr Jacqui Lloyd, a theologian, practising teacher, and co-author of the special character documents, has been engaged by NZCPT to work alongside teachers at KingsWay to deepen their knowledge and understanding of the biblical narrative so that the implementation of the 7 Core Practices outlined in the Guidelines can be consistently implemented at an age-appropriate level across the school. Jacqui is now into Year 2 of her Special Character Coordinator role and reports regularly to both the KingsWay Trust and NZCPT Boards around the progress that is being made. We are grateful to all involved in this work for their dedication to this professional learning in spite of the restrictions caused by various Covid-related lockdowns, forcing several of these opportunities to be virtual by nature.

The Proprietor secured a considerable increase in the Maximum Roll for KingsWay School towards the end of 2020, to recognise the growth that continues in the demographic area surrounding us. This provides a significant financial blessing for both the School and the Trust in terms of additional grants for furniture and equipment, staffing, and teaching resources as well as a contribution towards the costs of building additional classroom accommodation for staff and students new to the school in the next few years.

In addition to our scheduled maintenance programme, visitors will have witnessed the re-development of the original classroom area, with Stage 1 completed in time for interim occupancy in 2021 and Stage 2 scheduled for completion by September this year. Visitors to this area reflect positively on the changes that have occurred both internally and externally, to provide a collaborative learning environment that is the product of an iterative process between the Executive and the Trust.

The next project that is in development as part of the 2030 Strategic Growth and Development Plan has now passed the Resource Consent approval stage and will shortly be submitted for Building Consent. The COLA (covered outdoor learning area) will provide a weatherproof cover over the entire tennis court area, adjacent to and actually the same size as the Events Centre canopy. All going well, we hope to see this canopy erected and in use for Semester 2, 2021.

COLA - Covered Outdoor Learning Area — Image by: KingsWay School

There is now the opportunity for the school community to add the finishing soft touches to the landscaping that has occurred on the campus. The Executive Principal will advise you of these plans now that the heat and dryness of the summer has passed and there is a chance of things being planted having the right conditions to grow well!


Warren Peat
KingsWay Trust/NZCPT CEO