Peter Wilding by KingsWay School

Board of Trustees

An update from Peter Wilding, Board of Trustees Chairperson

Warm greetings to all our parents, caregivers and friends of KingsWay School.

The transformation of the Old Primary area into a new precinct for our Year 10 cohort by our Proprietor is almost complete, and it’s looking gorgeous. Feedback from teachers and students has been great as they enjoy the advantages of a highly flexible learning environment, beautifully refurbished and now airconditioned. The external garden areas are still to be completed as the school waits for a few more reliable autumn rains before doing this. There will be information in the school notices when this is to be done, as many hands make light work, and it’s another great way to help around the school.

The separate Year 10 precinct was a bold initiative by our school leadership to respond to the challenges typical of this year level, where many students can become disengaged in learning while also contending with personal issues of identity and maturity. Put simply, adolescence can be a tough time, and research shows many students struggle with the move from middle to senior school. We congratulate Vanessa Gatman, who is an outstanding and seasoned teacher within KingsWay, for being appointed to lead this crucial work.

The next major property development at KingsWay will be the full roof cover above our AstroTurf area to allow all-weather use as we continue to work through our Growth and Development plan. I thank our Principal, Graeme Budler, for his continued focus on the delivery of the plan and to our Proprietors, who walk with us on this journey to enable access to quality Christian Education for as many children as possible.

Shortly, you will receive notice of a link to a new full set of draft school policies. These have been developed by an external company that provides policies specifically for schools. Our Board has gone through each one to check or adapt them to suit our special character, and we invite your input before they go live.

Finally, thanks to each of you for your continued support in whatever ways you provide that.

With COVID-19 interruptions on top of what was already a very busy curriculum for teachers to manage, we thank our staff for their continued diligence, patience and commitment to their calling. Remember, the call to “be kind” is not a political party slogan; it’s actually a character of God and a fruit that should be evident in our lives as we live for Him. Our staff welcome your engagement, but please be extra patient, thinking the best of others, being slow to be offended and quick to forgive as we work together in being a Christian community of learning that nurtures young people towards their full potential as servant leaders in the Kingdom of God.

Blessings to you and your family.

Peter Wilding
Board of Trustees Chairperson