Aladdin Jr. by KingsWay School

Aladdin Jnr

The concept of manawanui (perseverance) has been a constant focus for the creative team and cast members of Aladdin Jnr. Here's an inside to their story...

The journey to Agrabah began in 2019 when we were inspired by the spectacular Broadway show that visited our New Zealand shores. Looking ahead to August 2021, the creative team of Aladdin Jnr are bursting with excitement to see these students finally complete this journey. Cherie Perrow (Director) explains why she returns to her tenth KingsWay School production:

‘Working with our young people during production season is an absolute joy. Their contribution of creativity and boundless energy within the Performing Arts never ceases to amaze me. If there is something I have learnt during Covid-19, it is to not take time with others for granted. This includes production rehearsals. Already our rehearsals have been interrupted with two lockdowns. Resilience is a key life skill for our students to learn, and this will grow throughout this production season as we navigate the unpredictable. We are thankful to be able to produce the all-time classic story of ‘Aladdin’. The theme of ‘just be yourself’ is a universal theme and is relevant in reference to being true to who we are and the desire to be accepted and belong. It is our desire that our cast experience acceptance and encouragement during this production season.’

Producing a Senior School production ‘takes a village’. We are so blessed to have supportive whanau here at KingsWay. A few of our Year 13 leaders are taking the step into the spotlight this year. I asked them what they were most looking forward to as we dive into rehearsals in the next few weeks:

Aladdin has been a long road trying to get started and rehearsing. I am excited for all our rehearsals and working together as a team. I am looking forward to seeing how we’re going to pull off a lot of the magic carpet and genie scenes with quick changes and flying! - Ethan Binnie

I am most excited about getting out of my comfort zone and trying something different, and getting to know everyone more. I feel like doing a production together creates a unique bond and you share fun memories. - Erynn Melvin

I am looking forward to sharing the memories of creating these exciting characters with my friends and bringing the Genie to life! In our final year of school, it is a privilege to contribute to a production like Aladdin, which is sure to be one to remember. – Caera Lynch

It is an honour to work with these outstanding students. With Year 9-13 students involved in production this year, I look forward to witnessing the depth of relationships and mentoring that is going to occur as we come together as a team to put on this fabulous show.

Information will follow when tickets are on sale, and this one will sell fast! Don’t hesitate to get in contact if you would like to come along and help along this adventurous journey to Agrabah!


Claire Trebilco
Head of Arts Faculty