Prefects 2021 by KingsWay School

Senior Leadership Programme

There are many opportunities for Senior School students to develop their leadership abilities and giftings. While there may be certain perceptions of what leadership is like, students who are selected for the roles (listed below) soon learn that servant leadership is just that—serving others.

It is important that every student who is involved in leadership grows and develops, not just with regard to their ‘technical’ leadership skills but also in their character and knowledge of who they are in Christ. Sometimes students are surprised to find that this happens through the natural frictions that arise through working with others; however, this is a normal and natural part of the maturing process as leaders.

Head Prefects and Deputy Head Prefects 2021 — Image by: KingsWay School

The Heads and Deputy Heads oversee all the various areas within Senior School and lend support to other prefects as they, in turn, lead their councils with the Teachers in Charge. As you can see below, there is a prefect assigned to each of the councils, who is also part of that council.

Tepora Latu Prefect Head of Kaiāwhina — Image by: KingsWay School

For the first time in 2021, we are excited to have a Kaiāwhina; a student leader whose primary role is to promote biculturalism and Maoritanga within KingsWay School. We also have a new council, ‘Yeah the Boys’, that focuses on building a positive community with our senior boys. The students in leadership this year are all doing a great job, and we are certain will continue to thrive as leaders once they leave KingsWay.

2021 Prefects:

Bethany Read - Head Girl

Ethan Binnie - Head Boy

Erynn Melvin - Deputy Head Girl

Harrison Coe - Deputy Head Boy

Tepora Latu - Kaiāwhina

Macy Taylor - Arts

Maxwell Jones - Environmental Council

Hannah McMurray - Houses

Jasmine Byfleet - Missions

Sophie Chhour - Peer Support

Liam Hunter - Peer Support

Lucy Bull - Rise Girls Ministry

Daniel Tetlow - Sports

Michael de Wet - Yeah the Boys


Arts Council

Macy Taylor
Caera Lynch
Briana Wallace
Izzy Byfleet
Sophie Pelan
Benjamin Jones
Shaun Cole-Baker
Keeley Golden

Environmental Council

Maxwell Jones
Nathan White
Asher Shaffett
Emily Shaw

House Leaders

Hannah McMurray - Braddock
Levi Horton - Braddock
Tim Coetzee - Cook
Tenieke Botha - Cook
Harrison Snell - Darby
Trinity Burton - Darby
Ella Simpson - Youngman
Benji Plummer - Youngman

Mission Council

Jasmine Byfleet
Reuben Bridge
Esther YaeJhee Lee
Claudia Varadi

Peer Support

Sophie Chhour
Liam Hunter
Taryn Banks
Amy Lee
Isabella Sole
Scott Robertson
Joel Macias
Daniel Bull
Ansonica Gilchrist
Esther Lee

Rise Girls Ministry

Lucy Bull
Hannah McCabe
McKenzie Walsh
Gabriela Navia
Sabrina Tan

Sports Council

Daniel Tetlow
Audrey Livingstone
Noah Taylor
Harrison Clark
Noah Van Der Harst
Anke Van Tonder
Holly Wingrove
Dine Spies
Milan Williams

Yeah the Boys

Michael de Wet
Reuben Richards
Luka Richards
Maxwell Morning
Jesse Baker
Jakob Lewis

International Ambassadors

Andy Kim
Rebecca Hu
Juyoung Kim
Joy Xu
Jaehee Kim