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Photo by Mike Molloy

Celebration Assemblies Return!

Mike Molloy —

We are planning the return of Celebration Assemblies so we can once again invite parents and whānau back to celebrate with us. These are an opportunity for teams to share important messages and to recognise those demonstrating our 5C values of Care, Courage, Connectedness, Creativity and Curious Learning.

To keep up with our Health and Safety Plan these will be in teams and held separately but on the same day, so parents with more than one child can attend. Attendance will be by invite only and parents will need to wear masks inside.

Assemblies are held on Even Week Fridays:

2pm Ōpouira - Year 2-3 (Wharehui)

2.20pm Ōtūmatua - Year 4-8 (Wharehui)

2.35pm Kūkūwai - Year 0-1 (Raupō)

We look forward to sharing with you.

The KSS Team