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Photo by Leigh Hurford

2022 End of Year Data Overview

Leigh Hurford —

We are pleased to share with you an overview of our 2022 whole school end of year data.

At Knights Stream School we consider reporting student achievement an important part of our teaching and learning process.  We use school-wide assessment data as the basis for changes to policies or programmes, changes to teaching practices, and to implement targeted interventions, as well as for reporting to the Board, whānau and the Ministry of Education.  Student data helps to inform the strategic direction of Knights Stream School.

We have a professional and dedicated staff who know our students well.  They have a clear understanding of students progress and achievement, and effectively use data to inform their practice and next steps for students learning.  

The 2022 End of Year Data Overview is attached.  If you would like any further information about this data, please email leigh.hurford@knightsstream.school.nz.