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Photo by Mike Molloy

Lockdown Ready?

Mike Molloy —

We are in preparation for a Level 3 Lockdown should this occur.

As COVID continues to make life uncertain we are ensuring we are ready for a potential return to distance learning. To be prepared for this we require some information from parents/caregivers.

To ensure you can access the digital workflow and can connect with teaches please complete the Devices Survey. This is a good time to remind parents that we encourage children to have a BYOD iPad in years 4-8.

In the event of a level 3 lockdown, we would like to plan who will need to be onsite at school. If you are an essential worker please complete our Intent to return to School survey.

As you know we will do our very best to provide distance learning that supports the children and makes life as simple as possible for parents that are working from home.

Our mantra has always been and will not change - 'Do what you can, when you can'.

Many thanks

Matua Mike