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Craig Allchurch —

Written by Alyssa and Mackenzie

On the 22nd of July, The Lincoln Zone held a soccer and hockey tournament. Knights Stream School sent a bunch of kids to the tournament and we entered a Senior Hockey team and a Senior Soccer team.


I was lucky to get into the soccer team and experience the soccer tournament. We had 7 games and 1 bye. In the soccer team was Alyssa, Brooke, Prapti, Nimit, Jack, Mehdi and Jacob. We all tried our best and because of that, we got 3 wins and 1 draw. I thought that the soccer team worked very well as a team and for probably most of us, we were courageous and pushed ourselves outside our comfort zone. The tournament was for boys and girls and that was definitely a challenge for me because I am used to only playing in girls teams. Whenever I play soccer I do defence but in this tournament, I had a go at midfield and scored about 4 goals. Overall this tournament was an amazing experience.

By Alyssa


I was lucky to get into the hockey team and experience the hockey tournament. In my team was Olivia, Mackenzie, Tom, Mason, Liam, Oakley, Taylor and Leo. We played 9 games and had one win but all the other teams were really good with a lot of children to choose from. I enjoyed playing lots of different positions. I haven’t played hockey in three years, so therefore we all pushed ourselves out of our comfort zones. I will definitely try to get in again next year.

By Mackenzie