Hero photograph
Photo by Sue Beattie

Celebration Assembly Awards

Sue Beattie —

Congratulations to the following students who received certificates recently. Ka Pai!


Bodhi F


Bodhi you have had a great start at Knights Stream School. You have shown lots of courage with your learning. We love having you in our whanau class. Keep being awesome Bodhi!

Archie S


Archie, it has been awesome to see your confidence grow in class. You have been contributing lots of great ideas during learning and have been enthusiastic about trying new things! Ka pai e hoa!


Zoe B


Wow Zoe! You have been so courageous in your learning and trying new things, from cross country to writing you are getting involved. We are very proud of you!

Nico L-C


Nico, you always try your very best and have been challenging yourself to give everything a go, even when you are not sure. Your willingness and independence to read and write and try new words is wonderful to see. Keep being courageous with your learning Nico, tino pai!

Brooklyn Y


Brooklyn, you are curious about what is going on around you and often ask interesting and thoughtful questions. You love to share your ideas, which is helping you to make connections within your learning. Ka pai e hoa!


Jack G


For showing courage and participating in the Fun Run. It was fantastic to hear how you felt proud of your achievement.

Boya F


Boya, thank you for being a caring and kind member of Hawai. You take care of others when they are hurt or upset. Thank you for being a great friend, keep up the great work. Tino pai!


Niall S


For understanding what you need to help learn maths and sharing this with the whole class. You helped other children be courageous too. Ka pai, Niall.

Hosea S-A


For the energy and time you put into our writing challenges. You are developing into a creative author.

Victoria K


Victoria, you always try your best and demonstrate your understanding through your contributions to discussions during group work in maths and reading. Keep up the amazing work!

Vitor S


For having the courage to lead his maths team during a problem solving challenge.

Roka Z


For being a kind and caring friend to the newest member of our whānau group. Thanks for being such a welcoming friend Roka.

Te Tupu Harakeke

Ronaldo S


Well done for returning back to school after a long holiday. Ronaldo, you are being so calm and working so well with your peers. Keep it up.


Erich V


Erich, we have been so impressed with the way you are giving all things a go. You have shown a lot of courage by doing this and you have made progress with your learning and the way you solve problems. Thank you for such an amazing helper as well! Keep up the mahi Erich!

Wajiha S


Wajiha, you have been so connected with your learning and we have noticed all the effort you put into daily tasks. You take on board feedback which you use to then improve your learning. Thank you for being so reflective and putting in all the mahi! Ka pai e hoa!

Will D


Will, we have been incredibly impressed with your connected attitude during reading. You always offer valuable contributions to our group discussions, and are completing your independent tasks to a high standard. Keep aiming high, Will!

Marco T


Marco, we are still blown away with your incredible Sonic sculpture! We admire your amazing creativity and how you are always willing to try new things. Thank you for sharing your creativity with us and brightening our day. Me he tē!


Emma L


Emma, you are an amazing, supportive and bubbly friend to everyone in our space. Thanks for your kind, considerate approach in all that you do. Ka pai!

Jamie S


Jamie, you have started this term off with determination and incredible work ethic in all aspects of your learning. Thank you for all your hard work. Keep it up!