Hero photograph
Photo by Sue Beattie

Celebration Assembly Awards

Sue Beattie —

Congratulations to the following students who received certificates in our last Celebration Assembly. Ka Pai!


Ashleigh Trevella


Ashleigh, you are making great connections in your literacy learning. We have noticed that you are able to use your phonological knowledge successfully in your reading and writing, and have been making excellent progress. Ka pai e hoa!


Tane Ashby


Tane, you have settled into Raupō so well and it is great to see you becoming connected with lots of children in our class. We have enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to the rest time with us!

Emily Thompson


Emily, you have been working hard in class and taking responsible risks in your learning. You are always keen to take on new challenges and show courage in your approach to learning.

Alex Jamison-Parkinson


Alex, you have settled in well to Raupō. It is great to see you connecting with your peers and making new friends. We love seeing you excited to share your ideas too! Ka pai!


Daisy Jones


Daisy, you have settled into Hawai with ease. It is fantastic to see you being courageous by offering your ideas in class discussions and giving Ukulele a go at lunch times. Keep it up!

Oliver Negus


For showing great curiosity towards new maths learning. Oliver, we love your courageous maths attitude and the way you share your passion for maths with the rest of the class. Keep spreading the love of maths! Ka pai.


Ryan Wang


Ryan, It is fantastic to see your enthusiasm and curiosity, working hard to look for solutions to problems.

Fazil Salehi


Fazil, you have settled in well at Knights Stream School. It is fantastic to see you being courageous by giving everything a go with a great smile. We all look forward to getting to know you better.