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Knights Stream School aims to provide a safe environment for students with allergies by minimising exposure to triggers as much as possible.

We ensure:

  • staff are prepared at all times to respond appropriately in case of a life-threatening reaction (anaphylaxis)
  • students with allergies are able to participate in the same educational and recreational activities as their peers.

Parents/Caregivers are expected to advise the school if their child has any known allergies (food or other). We keep a record of students with allergies.

Education, awareness, and general precautions

  • We inform parents about our allergy policy on enrolment and remind parents about general allergy issues throughout the year as needed.
  • We inform students about safe food practices, as required, to ensure a safe environment for all students.
    • Students should not share food, utensils, and containers.
    • Students' drink bottles and lunchboxes should be clearly named and should not be shared.
  • We encourage basic hygiene measures, such as hand washing.
  • We restrict the use of food in crafts, cooking, and science experiments, depending on the allergies of particular students.

We are not strictly a nut-free school. Please talk with your whānau teacher if you have any concerns.