Halswell Softball Club Information

Sue Beattie —

A fantastic opportunity for children to play teeball/softball.

At Halswell Softball Club we pride ourselves on being family orientated and community minded. We are currently looking to increase children's participation in sport, and softball is a sport in which any child no matter their age, gender or ability can participate in and enjoy.

Typically the softball season will involve one or two training sessions per week and a game on a Saturday, with a break in the season over the Christmas period. 

The grades available for our junior club members to participate in are:

Mixed under 7

Under 9 (boys & girls) 

Under 11 (boys & girls)

Under 13 (boys & girls)

Under 15 (boys & girls)

Under 18 (boys & girls)

Please see the attached flyer with information about our Registration Day.

Sarah Monaghan

Junior Club Captain/Registrar

Halswell Softball Club