Hero photograph
Photo by Sue Beattie

Celebration Assembly Awards

Sue Beattie —

Congratulations to the following students who received certificates recently. Ka Pai!


Catherine M


Catherine, you have had an amazing start at Knights Stream School. You are making great connections with your learning, and the children in our whānau class. Ka pai Catherine!

Ryan S


Ryan, you have had a fantastic start at Knights Stream School. It is lovely to see you enjoying our classroom learning and you are being very courageous, trying new things. Keep up the great work!


Jai B


Not only are you connected to your learning, and thinking about how you can learn both at home and in school, you are also connected to your whānau group too. You are always looking for ways to help others and show great teamwork with your Maths and talk buddies. Ka pai, Jai!

Aryavan S


Well done Aryavan for being a courageous learner! You are taking risks and learning it is ok to make mistakes. We are proud of you and all the great learning you are doing. Kai pai, Aryavan.

Lyuyi N


Lyuyi, it is lovely to see how courageous you are becoming. As your confidence has grown we often hear your voice during class discussions and you are now sharing your ideas. Keep being courageous Lyuyi!


Anshul R


Anshul, thank you for being a great role model during mat time. You show 5 and make sure that you are listening and ready for your learning. You have been connecting in a positive way with children in your whanau class. Tino pai!

Zoe D


Zoe, you are showing how creative you can be with your writing. We love seeing all the interesting words and phrases that you use. Keep up all the hard work, Zoe!

Jono S


Jono, you have been an absolute learning superstar this term! You are so enthusiastic and we have loved seeing you make so many connections. Keep up all the hard work, Jono!

Mackenzie C


Mackenzie, we love how enthusiastic and ready for learning you are. You have so many amazing wonderings and questions. Keep being curious, Mackenzie!

Whaea Jyoti


Whaea Jyoti, thank you for all of your hard work in Hawai. You are so kind and thoughtful to all the children and teachers. We love you!!


Hiya P


For consistently producing quality work in all areas. You listen carefully and follow instructions which results in you creating incredible art, writing and showing thoughtful insights at maths time. Ka pai!

Jane W


For your creative mind and ability to think deeply when reading and writing. Your natural curiosity and knowledge creates some very insightful answers. Ka pai!

Xander L-C


For being a kind and caring friend to others. I am impressed with the care and positivity you bring to your friendships Xander, ka pai.

Jack M


For explaining his thinking and ideas about fractions in maths class to help his group understand a strategy. Amazing mahi Jack!

Maru I


Maru, you have shown such courage this year, speaking English to your teachers and classmates. We loved sharing Korean Culture Week with you and having you share your culture with us.

Briar S


Briar, you have been making some great connections in maths this term and should feel really proud of the effort you are putting in. Tino Pai!

Te Tupu Harakeke

Rudi S


Rudi is connecting with his school work and friends in a very positive way.


Joshua M


Joshua, it has been great seeing you making connections with your learning. Whenever a task is presented to you, you always get to work very fast and complete your work with lots of effort. Keep being a great role model for others. Mīharo, Joshua.

Weston M


Weston, we have noticed your warm welcome in the mornings and you are always offering to help where you can. You also make sure you check in with others about how they are feeling, especially the teachers. This shows great care and we appreciate you Weston!

Isabella O


Isabella, it's been fantastic seeing you completing your work up to a high standard. The effort you put into your tasks also doesn't go unnoticed. We have also noticed the way you engage in class discussion and the value you add to these conversations. Ka pai te mahi!

Liam R


Liam, we have noticed your caring attitude and how you always offer to help others when they need it. We especially appreciate how you offer to help explain maths concepts to your peers when they are confused. Karawhiua, Liam!

Jesse B


Jesse, we can always trust you to do your best in everything you do. You consistently make interesting connections within literacy and numeracy, and share these brilliant ideas in class discussions. Keep being awesome, Jesse!


Greta H


Greta, you set the pace early and strode on out at the Lincoln Zone Cross Country. Congratulations on your first placing and for qualifying to the Canterbury Zones event. You’ve got this!

Devi S


Well done on stepping up and delivering your speech to the entire Matai team. It was engaging, thought provoking and well executed. Ka pai, Devi!