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Photo by Mike Molloy

From the Tumuaki's Table - Term 1, Week 6, 2023

Mike Molloy —


It has been so refreshing to have a relatively 'normal' start to the school year. After 3 years of dodging COVID it finally found me and into isolation, I went for 7 days. I don't do 'sick' as I do not like wallowing in self-pity and that's what isolation does to the mind. It is hard to be grateful when you feel so poorly.

Upon returning to school this week I met with 5 new families starting their journey with us. I went into full Knights Stream mode and told them all about what we do and why. I told them how amazingly diverse and supportive our community is, how connected our learners are and just how fantastic the staff are. We have the best team of teachers and support staff that there is!

The families took a tour of our beautiful learning spaces which are so well-resourced. We looked at the new building and talked about how lucky we are to have a proactive Board that helps us stay ahead of the rapid growth in the area. 

We have wonderful children who are full of curiosity for learning. They love being at school and are lucky to have such a caring community that gives them every chance for success.

Once the new building is ready please stay and play - this is your school so enjoy it. Please do not be put off by the 3pm music (bell). This is to indicate that all children should be with an adult or should have left to be home to their families. All children not collected are taken to the Tari (Office).

I am grateful for all the things we have and sometimes we need to stop and be thankful.

Matua Mike