Hero photograph
Photo by Sue Beattie

Celebration Assembly Awards

Sue Beattie —

Congratulations to the following students who received certificates at our last Celebration Assembly. Ka Pai!


Keillan D


Keillan, you have had a positive start at school. You are showing courage as you transition to school and you are doing a fantastic job learning our routines. Ka pai e hoa, keep it up.


Aidan D


Aidan, you have started this school year with such a positive attitude and you always arrive at school with a smile. You are a great role model for others as you complete your morning jobs, trying out new stations and being a respectful member of Raupō. You should be really proud of yourself. Mīharo Aidan!

Ava B


Ava, what a great start you have had at school. You are ready to learn and full of enthusiasm. Ava, you have been a very caring friend in Rāupo, you have supported your friends by welcoming them in the mornings and helping them to settle in each day. Ka pai e hoa!


Roka Z


Roka, you have been such a caring member of Hawai as you have helped one of our new Whanau members settle in. It has been so awesome to hear you communicate in Korean! Keep up your caring nature.

Niyao L


Niyao, you have made such a great start at KSS. We are really impressed with the way you have settled into Hawai, showing courage in all you do.


Will D


For being super engaged at Maths by providing a very detailed Morning Routine Timetable plan. Ka pai!

Ella K


Ella, what an amazing start to the year you have had! Thank you for being so kind and caring towards all our learners in Paretai. Keep being an amazing role model!

Te Tupu Harakeke

Callum P


For starting the year showing courage with his learning and leadership.


Mariam S


Mariam, you crafted and typed a creative and detailed recount of your South Island adventure. You are always listening and ready to go which sets an excellent example within Tōtara. Keep being a fantastic role model, Mariam!

Dora J


Dora, you have been such a caring, connected member of Tōtara as you have helped one of our new whānau members settle in. You have set such a wonderful example of being a friendly, kind and caring Tōtara learner. Tino pai, Dora!


Tom W


Tom, you have made such a positive start to 2021 and already you are making strong connections to prior learning. I am so impressed that you are demonstrating effective leadership within the classroom programme. Ka pai!