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Photo by Sue Beattie

Celebration Assembly Awards

Sue Beattie —

Congratulations to the following students who received certificates recently. Ka Pai!


Callie DV


Callie, you are helping to make our learning space a happy place to be. Thank you for always speaking kindly to your classmates and treating others with care. Keep it up!

Nate C


Nate, your writing is developing so well. You include great detail in your stories and are able to write several sentences independently. Ka rawe!

Leo C


Leo, you have had an awesome start at Knights Stream School! You have been so courageous as you have settled into our class routines and learning!


Maddison C


Maddison, you take care of others and notice if and when children might need some help and kindly offer. In addition, you take great care of our learning environment too. Tino pai, Maddison.

Will M


Will, it has been great to see the way you are making connections with your learning. You are always eager to learn and contribute to discussions in the class. Ka pai!

Yardan R


Yardan, well done for being courageous with your learning. You try your very best, even when it is challenging. Tino pai e hoa!

Lucas W


Lucas, you are a caring and thoughtful friend in our class. You take time to stop and notice if people need help. Keep it up!


Jack T


Jack you have made such a fantastic start to the year! You show caring by including others in our PE games, listening to their ideas and always offering a helping hand to those who need it. Ka pai on all your effort!

Summer W


Ka pai Summer for taking pride in your school work. You have been impressing us with your creativity and attention to detail. Keep up the great work, tino pai Summer!

Vincent Z L


Vincent, you have been creative and courageous in using new apps on the iPad to publish your writing. Tino Pai on your mahi!


Aarrone S


Aarrone has made fantastic connection when reading and writing - completing tasks on time and having such a positive, can-do attitude. Whaea's Dorinda, Natalie and Jyoti have all noticed and are so very proud of your hard work.

Mei H


Mei, you have shown so much creativity in your learning. We love the way you are entertaining us with your imaginative writing. Ka pai!

Quinn B


Quinn, you have been using your creativity to craft some imaginative and descriptive pieces of writing. Keep up the amazing work.

Te Tupu Harakeke

Ryan R


Ryan always talks and plays nicely with his friends.


Mahmood A A


Mahmood, we have been blown away by your start at Knights Stream. You tackle learning head on and have made some great connections in Tōtara. Keep up the great mahi!

Mariam S


Mariam, you constantly think about how you can help others through your work as a leader and role model. Ka pai tō mahi!

Vivaan R


Vivaan, you are such a caring and helpful class member. You are always the first to volunteer to help your peers in class and we really appreciate the thoughtful way you come in and help prepare the classroom every morning. Thank you for your kindness.


Rosa E


Rosa, you have such a positive presence in Matai. You always look out for others and build people up with your kind words! Tino pai!

Brea T


Brea, we are very impressed with the way you treat others around the school and with the way you use your manners around teachers. You are a great role model for others! Keep up your caring nature. Mīharo, Brea!