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Photo by Mike Molloy

Swimming Lessons 2020

Mike Molloy —

This year the Halswell Amateur Swimming Club was dissolved. The club has been operating for a number of years partly funded by the interest from a very kind bequest made many years ago by Nellie Corn, to benefit the children of Halswell to learn to swim. With dwindling numbers and access to facilities and support becoming more difficult, the club has been unable to continue.

As part of the dissolution of the club, all of their assets have been given to Swimming Canterbury West Coast. A large part of which are the funds originally gifted by Nellie. They have come to a unique agreement with Swim Canterbury and they have agreed to allow this money to be utilised to continue to fund the children of Halswell to learn to swim.

Thanks to a local grant received this year and next year the school will be able to fund the costs of swimming for 2020.

The lesson will be held in term 2 over a two week rotation for all ages.  Information about this will come out late term 1 2020.