Inside St Luke's Mt Albert by Kit McMenamin


For the Musical Director, italicised sections to the tune of “Jesus Prayer” by Lynn Bauman. ¾ time signature, beginning at the second beat of the bar, moderate tempo. To be sung reflectively.
spread out beneath my feet
                              colours and candles
                                              and up up immeasurably
                there is fragrance
                                              moving tenderly
blessing the oikonomia
                              in this inmost dwelling
               sacred blending
               nearby                                           distant
              weaving music into the quiet
I feel so deficit here
· as I ’ listen ’ to joy ex’pressed · to ’ joy to ’ joy I ’ listen:
how empty I am
             against the fullness of this place
             when chesed                                 crosses over
             I am chanting too
                             hesitant participant
I look into darkness again
                                              stillness rests on me richly
             · there is ’ harmony:
                            we look up          up immeasurably
             colours and candles
spread out beneath our feet

Hilary Johnston  is an MTh graduate from Laidlaw College. Her particular areas of interest are Feminist Biblical Criticism and Feminist Theology. She has always enjoyed creative writing but is a fairly recent convert to specifically writing poetry. However, like most new converts, what she lacks in experience is hopefully something that may be partially compensated by enthusiasm. 

Acknowledgements to: Kit McMenamin, for the photograph inside St. Luke’s Mt. Albert Anglican Church and for creative feedback. Lynn Bauman, for the “Jesus Prayer” melody. Brenda Rockell, for helping me understand the Anglican Prayer Book. Jeanette Cole, for advising on the musical cantillation. “Jots” Poetry Circle, for developing my poem and for developing me. Community of Trinity, for creating an inclusive space to pray.